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PC Tune Up

We can solve
all your computer problems.

Instantly with no risk and a money-back guarantee! See for yourself how we are setting new standards in the tech support industry.

"Remove unused software to free up space"

"Faster and more reliable"

"Search and remove viruses and spyware, perform deep registry cleaning and other services to keep your computer running at optimum performance"

What is PC tune up? Why do I need it?

Many of us tend to put on more weight as we age. We tend to bulk up in all the wrong places. Over the years we ingest a lot of things that are bad for us. Our gait slows, and we’re not as sharp as we used to be. Computers, like people, do not always age gracefully.

What was once sprightly and limber becomes sluggish and bloated. Like an elderly person who moves through life ever more slowly, a once-speedy PC starts taking many minutes to boot up, days to display the printer menu and what seems like eons to get to a Web site.

  Unwanted programs
Programs you don't use anymore are like unwelcomed guests you no longer want to entertain. You're much happier after you get rid of them. With your computer, not only will you be removing unused software to free up space, but it could actually make Windows faster and more reliable.
But like the unwelcomed guests, you can't just throw them out. You have to be very careful while removing them. Almost every application, utility, and game sold today comes with an uninstall program.

  Slimming down your boot
During the rains, leaves can clog the gutters of your house and cause flooding. With programs, they load whenever you turn on your computer and that clogs your PC. Your system tray (that box in the lower-right corner of your screen with the clock and all the little icons) help you see some of the programs that are loading when you boot up. If it stretches too far toward the Start button, your PC probably gives you enough time to nap before it boots up.

This is why we performs:

  • Virus removal

  • Spyware removal

  • Deep registry cleaning

  • Hard Drive clean-up

  • Deleting temporary files

  • Applying Windows Updates

  • Applying Security Patches

  • Running anti-virus definition updates

  • Running anti-spyware definition Updates

  • System Performance Optimization

  • Running System Defrag

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